Siburt and Flavil Yeakley were consulting models, mentors, and then peers who sacrificially served several hundred churches. I received the grace of their ministry, God's ministry through them. Gratitude drives my commitment to equip churches and dedicated Christian disciples making up those churches. Click here for reflections regarding Flavil Yeakley.

Church Consulting

Church consulting is under the umbrella of Pure Heart Vision, a non-profit ministry focused on assisting churches, developing leaders, and networking churches for greater ministry. We work with churches in minister transitions, with leaderships focused on developing leadership resources within congregations, and churches in conflict.

Personal Coaching

Ministry care and coaching is provided for dedicated Christians committed to caring for others. Counseling and coaching are different. Counseling typically, but not always, focuses your problems. Coaching focuses your aspirational hopes especially along the lines of who you are becoming. 

The two approaches are not incompatible, but they are distinct. People do gravitate in the direction of their most dominant thoughts. So, doing one when you need the other can be detrimental. Coaching may or may not include "counseling" but it will always include identifying and closing the gap between who you are and who you are becoming.