Consulting is group oriented and Coaching is individual oriented. Consultants have been described as "a person who borrows your watch to tell you the time." I will help you find watches you didn't know you had. As a coach I deeply invest in the results you get.

Church Consulting

Imagine an intersection where the incoming roads are called conflict management,  leadership strategies, therapy, and Christian theology. My expertise is in directing traffic at that intersection. I like to start by doubling a church's leadership capacity within the first 60 days.

Personal Coaching

I join your journey as a coach joins the journey of athletes. I do not practice from a posture of detached professionalism nor do I practice a mass production framework for helping. Rather, I deeply invest in your progress toward mutual goals accountable to the Christian purpose for life.


Courageous Conversations seek to deepen your capacity to determine and improve  your objectives, count the cost for achieving them, expand your options to remove roadblocks, and turn failure into hope. 

We deepen and expand the capacities of the churches and foster Christian maturity for individuals that is biblically based, spiritually healthy, and eternally meaningful. 

Payment & Fees

I expect people who can pay to pay. However, pay is based on what you believe the assistance to be worth. I can suggest a fee structure upon request. I am fully committed to a service that rises above and beyond money. I have received training and development because of the gifts others have provided for me. I will never forget that fact. As a result, a lack of ability to pay will never be a reason for me to turn someone away. In fact, people with lack of resources will receive the same commitment, investment, and respect as as the rich and powerful. In fact, one of my goals is to eventually offer all of my services based upon a very strict criteria that is not financially based at all.