I have received coaching from the best coaches on the planet, have provided coaching to world class athletes, and have myself won medals in some of the toughest wrestling tournaments in the world. I have translated those experiences into my role as teacher, consultant, and Christian coach.

Two people who deeply influenced my transition from the world of competition to that of caregiver and churchman were the late Dr. Charles Siburt and Dr. Flavil Yeakley. These men invested deeply in helping me understand their work until we eventually shared work. The result is a collection of useful insight drawn from over 100 years of experience that produce meaningful progress, and delivered in ways that have proven world class results.

Church Consultants

I have dedicated my life to serving Christ in ministry that reaches across congregational lines. My story is deeply rooted in multi-generational religious conflict. God has allowed me to understand the double bind roles and expectations inherent to ministry, understand the church from an inside and outside perspective, and to serve in a leadership style that rises above categories of gender. I think more in terms of voice than vision, possibilities than limitations, and maturity than achievement. My focus has been on high value conversations that do more than achieve a task. Rather, they change us as we meet others, ourselves, and God in new and surprising ways. 

The late Charles Siburt was a nationally recognized church consultant (often referred to as the “Church Doctor”), director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Abilene Christian University, director of the Center for Church Enrichment, associate dean for ministry services and church programs in the graduate school of theology, and the Frazer professor of Church Enrichment. He developed and directed Elderlink, the Minister Support Network, and he provided conflict mediation and counseling for churches and church leaders.

Charles also served as an elder at the University Church of Christ in Abilene and taught graduate ministry courses, including Introduction to Christian Ministry, Church Leadership, Pastoral Ministry Skills for Church Leaders, and Managing Conflict in Churches.  He served ministers, church leaders, and congregations in many different ways.

Charles completed his A. A. degree at Lubbock Christian University before graduating from Abilene Christian University with a B. A. degree in 1968 and a M.Div. degree in 1971.  He earned his D.Min. from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1978.  He went to ACU in 1988 after serving as a minister in several congregations.  He performed seminars and consultations in scores of congregations in the U. S. and Canada.

Charles was first a professor, then a mentor, a friend, and then a colleague. He went on to be with the Lord and will be greatly missed.

Flavil Yeakley served as a professor of Bible and Religion at Harding University and served as Director of Harding University's Center for Church Growth Studies for a number of years. He is a well-known author and is quoted across the nation by well known figures in the areas of Church Growth. He has served as president of the American Society for Church Growth and president for the Association for Psychological Type. He has received awards for his research in both contexts. Dr. Yeakley has studied leadership and patterns of growth and decline among Churches of Christ for many decades. He conducted more than 100 congregational assessments throughout the United States and Canada. He served as Director of Harding's Office of Outcomes Assessment for over 10 years and was a member of the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. Moreover, he served in full-time local church ministry as a preacher, elder, and/or deacon for 20 years.

Dr. Yeakley has B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Houston and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. He has been happily married to Maydell Yeakley for over 50 years. They have three children and eight grandchildren.  For access to much of his life's work, please visit the Flavil Yeakley Research Library.

Much of my work is influenced by and dedicated to Drs. Charles Siburt and Flavil Yeakley. We have, together, a combined experience of over 100 years caring for thousands church leaders and hundreds of churches. Drs. Siburt and Yeakley helped me to exponentially increase the insight from lessons learned. I am deeply indebted to both of these men. I want you to benefit from how they benefitted me.

Other Consultants

I have benefited from several world class coaches helping athletes achieve Olympic medals, from leadership consultants altering the way top U.S. corporations do business, from counselors doing therapy with clients, and from human performance gurus getting results in people's lives that almost defy the imagination.

I will happily provide resources for sport psychology, corporate leadership development, counseling needs, growth / achievement coaches, and consultants/coaches for church and ministry. Click here to email a description of what you need. In order to get a response you will need to be sure to include your preferred email IN THE BODY of the email itself.

Faculty Colleagues

My colleagues at Harding University provide sounding board assistance, peer accountability, networking resources, an enormous depth of biblical insight, and combined hundreds of years of ministry experience across the U.S. Association with these individuals has resulted in deepened personal growth, friendship, and shared passion for the spiritual impact of God's Kingdom .  Click here and then scroll down the page for information about them. 


The following are groups with whom I have a working relationship or from which I hold certifications. Click the following links for more information. 

Center for Conflict Dynamics at Ekerd College

    Center for Congregational Health

    Genesis 12 Project 
A non-profit ministry to assist others to escape the hopelessness of hunger and financial need by rescuing, redeeming, and reconciling people into better qualities of daily living and sustaining eternal life. The ministry will develop Mini-Max stores, in partnership with MetaFund, to offer quality food and products (max) for affordable / minimum price (mini). The  to accomplish this mission. 

    Harding University
I have served as an associate professor before becoming a full professor and now directing the Center for Spiritual Leadership and teaching under graduate and graduate courses for the Center for Advanced Ministry Training. The Center for Spiritual Leadership was formerly directed by Dr. Flavil Yeakley. It is now a partnership between Pure Heart Vision and Harding University (see Pure Heart Vision below). 

    Interim Ministry Network

    John 3:17 Ministries
A non profit faith-based, Christian Recovery Center, committed to being a safe, nurturing environment for women who have made a commitment to overcome addiction(s), make positive lifestyle changes, develop spirituality, improve parenting skills and become productive members of society. Click here to see the people of this powerful ministry. Click on the John 3:17 link above to go to the web site and get help for a loved one. The ministry is also closely associated with the John 3:16 ministries which focused on healing for men. John 3:16 does not seek to provide treatment but seeks to provide the cure for addiction.

    Pure Heart Vision 
A non-profit ministry to help churches mature as partners in God's mission. We provide caregivers with care, insight, training, and connection in ways that support their lives of ministry. 

The Leadership Circle