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Christian Coaching
A limited number of Christian decision makers, from various disciplines, are selected for coaching in spiritual shepherding. They must be dedicated to caring for others and they must be serious about results that come from their own growth. More Information...
Church Consulting
Consulting often fails because it seeks an agenda, usually called a "vision." Getting a vision is not wrong, but it is out of order. At a minimum, two important achievements must occur before you seek a vision. More Information...
 Christian Coaching
We all have a vision or goal we strive to achieve. We don't reach our vision because we avoid admitting things about ourselves that we already know. Yet, these are the very things that can reveal God's vision for us. Understanding who you are can often change the vision that you have for your life. Nourish that vision by God's grace, and it can become a reality. Use the contact form below to request more information, see availability, or consider costs. No one will be turned down based upon a lack of ability to pay. However, people who can pay will be turned away if needed to protect the quality of focus given to current participants.
Short-Term Coaching
Short term coaching seeks progress through current challenges and problem solving. We structure regular meetings by phone or Zoom that are designed to surface your best self for recognizing options, decision making, and ensuring that your outcomes are aligned with your faith.
Long-Term Coaching
Deep transformative work is the goal of a longer term coaching relationship. We invest 3 years as a basis for the next 30 years. Year one explores you; identifying the things that need to change and the things that cannot or should not change. Year two is a call to action as you adjust based upon a renewed vision for your life. Year three implements strategies and adjustments for realizing changes gained in years one and two.
 Church Consulting
Most of the consulting does not begin with seeking an agenda, but with helping people drop agendas and to replace them with the Christian confession. Once leaders drop their agendas, we can show them how to powerfully call the church to do the same. This then allows us to create the kind of table from which vision is born. Setting that table and managing work that occurs at it is the work that we do. At this table, we manage the transition from voice to vision, that is, the transition from who we are to who we are becoming. Use the contact form below to ask about more information, about availability, or about costs.
"Committing to those who are committed to others."